Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Issey Miyake - A Scent

Fills me with the same feeling as facing impenetrable Excel formulae.

Sunday, June 6, 2010



Oh Nordstrom Rack and your delightful 75% off sales! Do you know how long I have searched for these? Taken off the market sometime in 2009, they too might be mouldering at a Rack near you! I carefully peeled off the sale sticker and they actually went from 30-50-75%! The Fleur de Rose is more evanescent than I remember, but the Fleur de Source still smells wonderfully-weirdly like a public swimming pool. I wanted more bottles of my favourite Fleur de Terre, but some lame-oids (a lameoid. Singular) decided to RIP OPEN THE PACKAGING IN FRONT OF ME AND SPRAY IT ON AND MAKE A FACE AND LEAVE THE CELLOPHANE CRUMPLED AND BOX HALF-OPEN. Ugh! For some reason I can purchase half-empty antique bottles but I cannot bring myself to buy something that is supposed to be new, but mauled. Well, if I ever change my viewpoint, I have my secret stash sitting . . . and maybe it will be down 90% next time.