Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Different Company - Sel de Vetiver

I accidentally spilled the entire contents of the sample vial on the carpet, and I'm cross, for this was one of my go-to scents for everyday use - a solid, rooty, dirt-caked vetiver with a meaty black-licorice aspect, lightly dredged in salt. It made me hungry. It wore lightly, being classy and spare enough for work, but distinctive enough for my pleasure.
Yes, bottleworthy.

Jean Couturier - Coriandre (vintage)

Unbelievably sexy green floral with an oiled dark emerald sheen, like the pelt of a nocturnal animal. As it progresses it takes multiple twists and turns: first aldehydic and sparkling as jade-green aurora borealis and meteor showers, then duskier, now smoky and civet-rich, then lastly angular and elegant, a sweet, silken chypre. All stages very beautiful, sensual.
This basically has the same effect that Chanel's Cuir de Russie has on me - it makes me want to be fucked on the hood of an expensive (European sports)car.
Coriandre makes me feel like Emmanuelle Arsan, en route to unspeakable erotic adventures!
Everyone should own this perfume, vintage if you can.
Forget orientals, forget Opium, forget try-too-hard tuberose - chypres have real powers of seduction -

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Miss Dior EdC - Christian Dior
Calandre (mini? perhaps a parfum? This had 15 ml, far too big for a mini) - Paco Rabanne
Coriandre mini - Jean Couturier
Givenchy III EdT mini - Givenchy
Arpege mini - Lanvin
Emeraude parfum de toilette - Coty

But why, why, why, did I find Fracas PARFUM in the store where the owner was a psycho witch? (said in a rambling, shrill, crystal-meth addict voice) "Don't open the bottle! One time a customer came in and opened one, and I got a terrible headache! Oh, don't open it! These perfumes are not meant for use on the skin! You don't want to put them on! DON'T OPEN IT! These have TURNED RANCID, THE LIGHT TURNED THEM! My sister-in-law . . ." I had to walk out at this point.