Friday, December 24, 2010

Coquelicot co-co-ri-co

* Coquelicot bonbons by Barnier! These fabulous sweets are flavoured with raspberry and . . . tonka bean. The tonka bean adds a vanillic depth, body, and syrup-creaminess, making it not just another sweet for children . . . the flat scarlet tablets, imprinted with poppies, are darling too.
* free (!) cannoli filled with ricotta, chocolate, and fresh cream, in a still-warm pizzelle, a charming end to a delicious salumi lunch.
* Christmas present to myself: a set of vintage D'Orsay eaux de toilette, Intoxication, Divine, and Le Dandy; L'Heure Bleue vintage eau de cologne, in the classic round bottle design; and a mystery! Rosée de Provence by Christianny, a company located in Grasse. Online it is listed as "Rose de Provence" but my label definitely says Rosée. The perfume inside is rich, dark orange, and since Christianny was apparently an essential oil producer, I'm looking forward to all the beauty!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Looking forward to carols and midnight mass (and the incense of midnight mass!) tonight!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

running out of closet space

I need a walk-in humidor/perfume cellar. Things are getting out of hand.
Especially when I now have a beautiful Le Galion box set!!! 8 out of ten perfumes (missing Lily of the Valley/Muguet and probably Tubereuse): La Violette, Brumes, Bourrasque, Galion d'Or, Sortilege, La Rose, Snob, and Gardenia. All extrait, all full, all mine! I also spied another set, that I waffled on because all I wanted out of it was Miss Balmain.
Purchased: some Amouage thing for $11, that I can't identify for the life of me.

Monday, December 13, 2010

these aren't my words.

The smell of big hotels and deckchairs,when people are having aperitifs:a mixed scent of amber,cigarette smoke,wax polish;and those meats cooking in wine.

from Alix's Journal by Alix Cleo Roubaud.