Monday, September 26, 2011


Tokyomilk Dark - Excess No. 28
Dandruff shampoo, or a training wheels little boy's cologne.
Five hours later if you squinch your nose a bit, it could be a wan interpretation of ELdO's Vraie Blonde.

Bois 1920 - Sandalo e The
Something of the fluorescence of Euphoria, very bright, glaring.

Creed - Love In Black
What is with these blinding assaults on my senses? Obliterating violet, the feeling of soaking in theatrical greasepaint under hot floodlamps. Everything is neon and screaming. I just want peace and quiet. WHY DOES EVERYTHING TORMENT ME? I JUST WANT SLEEP! I just want sleep

Houbigant - Quelques Fleurs L'Original
Dreary, granny's-soap thing. Sunday school teacher. This is antithetical to my personality. I feel like I'm wearing a shroud.

Pirouette Handmade Essentials - Moss Garden
This provided a harmonious backdrop to a morning of hiking (ignore me direly in need of poles for balance, running into my husband and stumbling back like an intoxicated ibex). It really is like petting a moss-heavy log, peering into a terrarium, or pulling a Lady of Shalott. The ultimate outdoor recreation fragrance (notice how I am avoiding the s-word, it smells nothing like s-word fragrances). It is light and vivacious, cheap enough to spritz generously (even though Givenchy III is gorgeous, you probably don't want to use it for a hike!), and in these oakmoss-endangered times, it is a very very very good reference to have when you are disoriented by a sea of fruit-syrup chypre-pretenders. Stockpile.

Boucheron - B
"Son of Generic Video."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unwanted Vintage Perfume Buying Advice (from a world authority)

1) Eff the internet. Get to know the (hopefully rural) towns around you and explore everywhere within a 2-hour radius. Discover exotic scenery (mine: dairies, alien land strewn with gigantic wind turbines, mountains), pack all kinds of Cocteau Twins CDs and candy in the car, and make a day of it.
2) It helps to have an extra pair of eyes. I am a shrimpy fillette with rubbish eyesight, but my darling (tall) boy-friend-oh aids me immensely by getting to shelves where I can't, can spot round Guerlain bottles with laser-precision and can separate the wheat from the chaff like a CHAMP. (examples: "I found something that said Guerlain, but it was a factice," etc)
3) SET YOURSELF LIMITS. Bring $20 cash and make that your allowance for the day. For mini-bottles, no more than $5 - large bottles that are half-empty, $10 - and for full bottles, $15. For my purposes, the mini is king - I can try more things, and it always helps to have a reality check (Do you really need 300ml of Eau de Givenchy? Do you really?)
4) Just because some bigwig says a scent is important, doesn't mean you have to have it. Books like Fabulous Fragrances I and II by Jan Moran and Perfumes by Jean-Yves Gaborit have lovely tables in the back that help sort out what kinds you like. According to Countess Moran, I am a chypre-floral-animalic girl! Rowr! I tend to zoom in on those first, because I know that certain fragrances will give me more pleasure than a frenzy of indisriminate greed.
EXAMPLE SITUATION: few weeks ago - saw Shalimar EdT, 1826 by Histoires des Parfums, L'Air du Temps EdP, Miss Dior EdT, Givenchy III parfum, and Chanel No. 19 EdT - I walked out with the latter three, happy and content in my green reverie.
5) Don't cry over empty bottles - take a breath, and let the memories of Inoui, Gardenia by Chanel, and Diorama go. All together now.
6) Don't double-buy. You have one bottle of L'Heure Bleue. Be honest - you will never finish it, let alone another. Save space and money for a rare bird.

Miss Balmain spray mist - $3
Bernard Lalande - Irise parfum (who is this person??), $2.95
Shalimar - $7. Did I break one of my own rules?