Saturday, February 26, 2011

Andy Tauer - Lonestar Memories

Honore des Pres - I Love Les Carottes (eau de parfum)

This is playing my head like a game of Go. It's raw carrot! Raw carrot with creaminess from orris butter, and the humble-exorbitant hippie-luxe seesaw is making me feel tipsy. Perhaps culinary anachronisms like French angel-hair jam and the drink my mother makes of carrot juice, condensed milk, and nutmeg make sense in this world, the world of Olivia Giacobetti. I'm actually really confused. No, the rootiness of it all makes sense. No, yes. This is strange like my beloved Shu Uemura Fleur de . . . series, and I want to buy a bottle and mess some brains up. This will probably have a later addendum, I'm too confused. ehhehhehhh

Morricone Aromatico

While trolling the local Value Village for old Trivial Pursuit card decks and the Solid Gold game, in the $1.99 CD section I found a marvelous 2CD set entitled Morricone Aromatico. The liner notes of this complete jewel state that it "brings together the best of two worlds: the peerless music of Ennio Morricone and delicious natural aromas." !!!! Let's-fall-in-love-now alert! (personal information time: yes, let's DO fall in love, because my husband did indeed seduce me with a bottle of Borneo 1834 and Morricone CDs . . .!) Every song has a little description of the aromas that spring to mind while playing. Unfortunately it seems that the set didn't come with ooh, 41 different essences, but that's alright because "most of these scents [are] already well-known to everyone" (thank you for not throwing frisbees like "Papua New Guinea," "Casu marzu," and "yak meat" out, benevolent and equitable liner-note-writer!). Intrigued yet? I hope you are! Let's explore some of these:

"L'assoluto naturale" - Linden - "A modest and soft balance among woody, floral and waxy tones."

"Piume di cristallo" - Violet, "Female, fragile"

"Non rimane piu nessuno" - White grape, "Light, crystalline, having a fruity sweetness" (Er, forget the backdrop of the creepy giallo knife)

Is there any other music that encourages synaesthesia?

Friday, February 25, 2011

yeah yeah yeah

Christian Dior – Eau de cologne fraiche

The most soignée eau de cologne in the world – half Lisa Fonssagrives, half Juliette Greco. It’s extraordinary how a touch of oakmoss - velvety, shadowy, and sinuous – can transform what I thought to be a simple necessity into one of the most marvelous, refined, luxurious citrus fragrances. Beautiful women do not really come to mind when I think of perfumes – rather, nature, plants, foods, textures, but with Eau de cologne fraiche I picture pages out of Vogue, 1954.


I have FINALLY discovered a solution to my workplace fragrance conundrum. Don't choose overt florals, marine things, aldehydic things. Instead, let gourmands, or complete nonsensical noncategory fitting weirdoids be your friends! Examples: L'Artisan Parfumeur's Coeur de Vetiver Sacre has treated me very well - the smell of wiping my forearms with damp black teabags? Tea ≠ flowers ≠ perfume. Therefore, I cannot be wearing perfume! Dzing!, also from those same wonderful people? Tire tread + antiquarian bookstore + vanilla funk ≠ flowers ≠ perfume. Therefore, I am free to douse myself daily! I have worn these two beauties and sat in verrrrrry close proximity to jokers who were "allergic to perfume" and not received a complaint at all! Perhaps another tip is say no to sprays, and hug your sample vials (esp. with wands) close. In the morning, two good swipes on each arm, and I'm good to go. So! I'm so happy I'm overdosing on exclamation marks. I'm delighted because I'm working through my FREAKINNN' TERMITE MOUND HUGE bags-o'-sample too. Yay!