Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morricone Aromatico

While trolling the local Value Village for old Trivial Pursuit card decks and the Solid Gold game, in the $1.99 CD section I found a marvelous 2CD set entitled Morricone Aromatico. The liner notes of this complete jewel state that it "brings together the best of two worlds: the peerless music of Ennio Morricone and delicious natural aromas." !!!! Let's-fall-in-love-now alert! (personal information time: yes, let's DO fall in love, because my husband did indeed seduce me with a bottle of Borneo 1834 and Morricone CDs . . .!) Every song has a little description of the aromas that spring to mind while playing. Unfortunately it seems that the set didn't come with ooh, 41 different essences, but that's alright because "most of these scents [are] already well-known to everyone" (thank you for not throwing frisbees like "Papua New Guinea," "Casu marzu," and "yak meat" out, benevolent and equitable liner-note-writer!). Intrigued yet? I hope you are! Let's explore some of these:

"L'assoluto naturale" - Linden - "A modest and soft balance among woody, floral and waxy tones."

"Piume di cristallo" - Violet, "Female, fragile"

"Non rimane piu nessuno" - White grape, "Light, crystalline, having a fruity sweetness" (Er, forget the backdrop of the creepy giallo knife)

Is there any other music that encourages synaesthesia?

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