Tuesday, March 29, 2011


(short bursts written with a ganked-up arm and the nose-muff of springtide allergy)

Pirouette Handmade Essentials - Jasmine Musk
Will I get swarmed if I wear this outside? I feel like Daphne-not-Daphne-not-with-laurel. My arms are turning to branches of jasmine, petite Otik-ova! I can feel insects alight on my wrists, to nibble at this dark jasmine-amber confection. At $26-$28, Pirouette True Perfumes are some of best buys of the century.

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Traversée du Bosphore
Me: Good?
Husband (nodding, glazey-eyed): Mmm, marshmallows.
Me: Bottleworthy?
Husband: (nodding, speechless, nodding)
Me: Well, that's that. (writes cheque for $115)

Etro - Sandalo
UOMO! (L'uomo?) I feel rubbed-up against. 5-7 with a frotteur!