Sunday, January 31, 2010


How can you date Guerlain perfumes accurately?
When did they discontinue the crazy op-art black-and-white packaging, introduce the slender gold-and-(fill in blank colour rectangle) boxes, then finally to gold?
What about the dark blue boxes with little fountains?
And the light-brown-and-ivory "wooden" boxes?
Can anyone help?
Thank you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


OMG DIOR-DIOR PARFUM!!!! I want to bite off my own arm at my good luck!!!
Madame de Carven edt
Vivara parfum by Emilio Pucci (vintage, well, everything here is)
Baghari parfum by Robert Piguet (arghhhhhhh!!!!!!)
Jolie Madame by Balmain

I broke down and bought Chanel's Bois des Iles, a humongoid bottle that I stared at for 1/2 hour.

I am poor, will have no food, no heat, and will take cool-lukewarm showers for the next month.

Friday, January 8, 2010

L'essence de Mastenbroek - Eau de Polder

Spacious, red-clovered teletransport in a bottle that feels (bare-footed) of rolling azure sky, sweet hay, and meadows. Barns, crimson paint.

Heeley - Menthe Fraiche

Phosphorescent mint that glows and waves like coral and ciliae under black light. Tea and mint.

Dior - Diorissimo


Incomparable freshness and beauty, celadon green stems you can snap your teeth into, balanced with the fragility and massed fairyland glow of thousands of tiny bells. Graceful, warm, and smiling.
This is the most enchanting muguet, period.

Guerlain - L'Heure Bleue (vintage)




(cackling to myself while caressing the bottle: yeah, motherfuckers!) But really . . .

I THINK THIS BOTTLE IS BEYOND REVIEW. Like with other beautiful but probably horrendously preserved vintages, it fills my mouth with a cotton-ball, tangible inhalation of musky silk and powder, moth scales, and cobwebs. Difficult to discern a distinctive "perfume," for all I can taste is mahogany must (comparable to my poor dear bottle of also orange-rust L'Origan). Heavy clove, carnation, and violets.
Forty minutes later, waverings of hazelnut, light milky sugar, like seeing a filmy petticoat underneath swishes of a suffocating evening gown. Violets lining a parasol, unglazed porcelain.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hilde Soliani - Saaliiisssiimo

A playful and engaging exploration of licorice - from the salty and mouthwatering POW! POW! topnote punch-in-the-face of Dutch dubbel zoute, sootblack and puckering - the pinkly pastel confectionery sugar'd Allsort, taken up with silver tongs - the cheap blast of unwanted Halloween Good 'n' Plentys - to the gentle ruffling of twigs and celadon shoots, as serene and soft as a waterbird's belly. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.