Saturday, May 3, 2008

Guerlain - Herba Fresca (Aqua Allegoria)

Vaguely nauseating tisane that reminds me of being six and waiting for my sister at her orthodontist's office. Smells like a folklore abortifacient.


Anonymous said...

You think this one is bad. Try Pampelune.

Cat pee in a bottle.

Anonymous said...

Some wonderful perfume blogs you might enjoy:





The above are excellent! Wonderful reviews, and all are unique in their ability to maintain their own personalities.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. Meant "perfumecritic"

Excuse my typo.

punkrock said...

hey mystery-person!
pamplelune did not strike me as so bad when i was a student - i even considered buying it - but now i have the aqua allegoria of anisia bella to satisfy my summer whims!

hey jeannie! i love nowsmellthis (even though i do not participate there), and i will check those others out! thankee!

Anonymous said...

bought Guerlain's Pamplelune years ago willing to try it regardless of the (mostly) negative press. Alas, I couldn't get past the cat pee thing! Good news though, it's great to spray on your outdoor flower pots to keep chipmunks away! It really works!

Of the Aqua Allegoria line, I LOVE Anisia Bella, a dry anise scent! My favorite though is Winter Delice! A soft, incense/vanille, a touch of gingerbread and Norway fir. Wish I had snatched it up years ago, as it is getting harder and harder to find. Used to be you could find it for $30 bucks, now it's $65 on most sites. The Rosa Magnifica I gave away and later wish I had kept it! I scored a bottle of Apres L'Ondee not too long ago, and it is so light, barely-there-violets in a refreshing base of something green, twiggy and wet smelling! Wow!

Basenotes is a good site too, although it's difficult to navigate sometimes--it's just too big. Still, great reviews!

Try also looking up Victoria'sown. She gives wonderful reviews and encourages participation.

What are some other favorites of yours? Have you tried anything from Frederic Malle or Serge Lutens? I have a few of the Lutens fumes.

Anonymous said...

Also, give indieperfumes a try. A well written blog by a lovely lady named Lucy. She combines a bit of history, science, and occasionally poetry! That's actually one of my favorite ones.


punkrock said...

my all-time favourite if-the-house-burns-grab-this would-sell-organs-on-black-market for is borneo 1834. it is my most treasured perfume possession, but unfortunately one i cannot spray on as much as i'd like, due to the probability that i will never own another bottle again in life! trying it from the wax sample made me dream about it for months after, and eventually i got surprised with a bottle as a gift. just thinking about it makes my heart palpitate faster and my palms slightly sweaty, like anticipating going out on a big date. NOTHING can match that for me! (even though i am constantly on the lookout for a non-elusive, non-bank-breaking counterpart)

unfortunately no frederic malle things for the peasant plebe living in a country where monsieur malle does not even EXIST. (i live in a backwater)

apres l'ondee makes me unbearably sad. it's like the smell of tears.

i just spent (an ungodly) amount of time looking at basenotes last night. it's like poison - so how do i get to smell these things?!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are revealing yourself as a hardcore perfumista! Welcome to the club or should I say the addiction?

I must confess that I am a Guerlain slave. I've flirted with S. Lutens, but Guerlain is my house! I have decided to take the plunge and fall for Frederic Malle in 2008. I desperately want to try Iris Poudre, Eau d'Hiver, and possibly Musc de Raveguer!

As for Serge Lutens, Ambre Sultan is my favorite with Fleurs de Citronnier close as second, although a different animal altogether.

Basenotes is addictive but informative. I love the reviews given by fellow addicts and devotees.

Keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

That is Musc Ravaguer! What was I thinking?

Your Borneo sounds so exotic!

What I wouldn't give to fly to Paris to buy up some of those bell jars in the exclusive line! I envision my magic scent to me Iris Silver Mist. I love iris!


Anonymous said...

That is to be Iris Silver Mist.

Where are my glasses?