Monday, August 2, 2010

Strange Invisible - L'Invisible

All the SI (not Situationist International! Imagine if there was SI scent! Sandpaper bottles!) perfumes I have smelled are resolutely funky upon application. They have a musty, stained, nicotined dankness that feels oppressive in opposition to their composition - in this case, lemon and blood orange. L'Invisible also possesses a peculiar quality of smelling dense yet faded at the same time, like digging up a 1960s chenille bedspread from an attic. Despite having poured on half the sample vial, it still felt like it was slipping away from reach with every second (not good for $135).
Dirty indolic lemons, or blighted lemons - drying lemons in a damp basement and having mildew attack it.

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